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  Unemployment Insurance

NOTICE: How to File a Claim if you are a Federal employee separated from work as a result of the government shut down.

File a claim by clicking the Unemployment Claim Filing link to the right. Call the Call Center (502) 875-0442 or go to your nearest Local Office of Employment and Training.

After filing a claim, within one week, take a copy of Standard Form 8 (SF-8, this tells who your federal employer is and where to send your wages and separation information) to your nearest Local Office of Employment and Training Office or Fax to (502) 564-5623 (ATTN: Tawnee or Brittney). Be sure your name and social security number appear on the form.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Voice Response Unit (VRU) for requesting weeks of Unemployment Insurance has a new number.  You can now request weeks by calling (877) 3MY-KYUI or (877) 369-5984 To request benefits on-line, go to http://www.kewes.ky.gov.

Unemployment Benefits extended in Kentucky

Legislation to extend unemployment insurance benefits was signed into law by President Obama December 23, 2011, ensuring unemployment insurance benefits will be extended until February, 2012. 

There is no increase in the number of weeks of Emergency Unemployment Compensation. Emergency Unemployment Compensation will remain a 53-week program, broken down into four tiers. Tier one is 20 weeks, tier two is 14 weeks, tier three is 13 weeks and tier four is six weeks.

The Extended Benefit program is on in Kentucky. *Extended Benefits claims may be filed by those who have exhausted regular unemployment insurance and Emergency Unemployment Compensation.

Existing Extended Benefits claimants can now claim their two weeks as usual. Extended Benefits claims must be made via the internet at kewes.ky.gov

The non-reduction rule that was in place under the previous extension remains in place. The non reduction rule applies to claimants who qualify for a regular unemployment insurance claim while enrolled in the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program.  If the new UI claim is $100 or 25% less than the Emergency Unemployment Compensation claim, claimants may remain enrolled in Emergency Unemployment Compensation. If you have questions about this part of the extension, please contact your local office.

All claimants should now file claims or request benefit checks through the main online application.

Only those drawing regular Unemployment Insurance or Emergency Unemployment Compensation can request checks via the telephone.

Note: The Kentucky's Electronic Workplace for Employment Services (online application) link is only available M-F from 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST and Sunday from 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM EST.

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Claim Filing and Benefit Request

Information about Emergency Unemployment Compensation

  • If you are requesting Emergency Unemployment Compensation check, you must call 877-369-5984 or do so online.

Information about Extended Benefits

  • If you are requesting an Extended Benefits check, you must do so online. These benefits cannot be requested by phone.

There are many complex areas within the Unemployment Insurance Program.  We have provided links to information that we hope will help you better understand the program and possibly answer some of the questions you may have relating to your Unemployment Insurance claim.


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For Unemployment Insurance Information, please contact your Local Office.
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Last Updated February 16, 2012

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