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December 22, 2014
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Electronic Claim Filing


The Kentucky Office of Employment and Training, Division of Unemployment Insurance, has developed a system whereby claims for unemployment insurance benefits can be filed electronically for most temporary mass layoffs. Electronic filing is a faster, more efficient way to process mass claims for unemployment insurance. The electronic system can be utilized during temporary mass layoffs of one or two weeks, such as a regularly scheduled vacation shut-down. The system is compatible with the majority of payroll systems. Certain components can be tailored to fit your individual needs. The Office of Employment and Training will work closely with each employer who chooses electronic filing to ensure that the filing process operates as smoothly as possible for you and your employees. The system can only be used if there is a definite recall date within 12 weeks.

• Electronic filing eliminates mountains of paper work for you. You will only receive notices for claims not submitted via the electronic filing.
• Electronic filing ensures your lowest possible unemployment tax rate by deleting or eliminating errors in earnings offset reporting.
• Electronic filing eliminates the need for your employees to stand in the long lines associated with claims taking.

A pilot project was conducted with General Electric Appliance Park in Louisville, Kentucky for their 1993 Christmas and 1994 New Year shut-down involving 6,000 employees. The project was such a success, that three weeks later, General Electronic requested electronic filing for a shut-down involving an additional 4,000 employees. Well over 100 major employers currently use the system.


You will realize many advantages and savings by choosing the electronic filing system:

1. The process is simple and the procedures are easy. All transfer of claim information between the Department and you is via internet e-mail.

2. The filing process is streamlined, eliminating notices which otherwise would have been mailed to you.

3. The process increases employee morale by providing a simple, straight forward way to apply for benefits. The vast majority of employees will not be required to visit or even contact their local unemployment office. Their claims is automatically initiated and a simple phone call from the claimant to the automated system is all that is required of them to receive a check.  Any difficulties can be easily handled expeditiously by the staff at the local office. Either way, the claims are processed faster, and the filer receives his benefit check sooner.

Standing in long lines to file a claim will be a fact of the past!

4. Perhaps the most important advantage to you is that your contribution or tax rate will be kept at a minimum due to the efficiency of the system. With electronic filing there is less paper shuffling for you, therefore, the reporting of issues and earnings can be handled more efficiently.

5. The system is adaptable to meet your needs. The Office of Employment and Training is able to accept and exchange data by electronic means and will work closely with you throughout the filing process.

If your organization has a workforce of more than 200 or experience temporary layoffs involving 25 or more employees, please contact your nearest OET Local Office for additional information.