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December 20, 2014
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Application Hints

Filling out an application is the very first job an employer will give you and you seldom get a second chance to make a first impression.

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Bullet 1 Application Hints

Have all of the information you are going to need ready (on a fact sheet or master application), including dates of each employment, name, address, and phone number of each company and names of each supervisor. If possible, take an application away from the place of business. Make copies of it to practice on. Then fill out the original and return it to the business. Always ask before doing this, since some businesses will not accept an application that has been removed from the building.

Bullet 2 Application Hints

Follow directions completely. If you don’t understand a questions ask for help.

Bullet 3 Application Hints

Answer every question fully. Give as complete a description of your previous jobs and education as possible in the space provided. The employer may see an application that lacks some information as someone who only does his or her work halfway.

Bullet 4 Application Hints

Do not leave any blank spaces. If an answer is “none” or “not any”, write that. If a question does not apply to you, write “N/A” or "not applicable. If you prefer not to answer a question, write, “will discuss”.

Bullet 5 Application Hints

Use black ink or type it, unless instructed to do otherwise.

Bullet 6 Application Hints

Avoid abbreviations completely if possible or use only acceptable ones such as Dr., Mr., Mrs., Jr., etc. Be sure to write out addresses with Road, Street, Avenue, etc.

Bullet 7 Application Hints

Apply for a particular job or occupation, never say you will do anything, and relate information to qualifications of the position. Prioritize duties that relate to present goal.

Bullet 8 Application Hints

Print answers and make sure they are legible.

Bullet 9 Application Hints

Write “open” or “negotiable” for salary unless you already know the salary range. Avoid asking for a specific salary. If you ask for too much, you might lose a good job. If you ask for too little, you might get it.

Bullet 10 Application Hints

Use action verbs to describe duties. Keep verb tense consistent (present “ing” or past “ed”).

Bullet 11 Application Hints

Refrain from negatives as reasons for leaving a job, put your best foot forward, but be honest.

Bullet 12 Application Hints

If there is a space for comments or additional information, use it to help sell yourself, personality traits, hobbies, etc.

Bullet 13 Application Hints

If the application asks for your signature (most do), sign your name, as you would endorse a check. Do not print it.

Bullet 14 Application Hints

Have your references ready. You may need to list up to 5 references, people who can vouch for your character, and their address and phone numbers. Usually these must be persons other than your family or former employers. Get permission before giving someone’s name as a reference.

Bullet 15 Application Hints

If possible, list two telephone numbers where you can be reached. If you give a friend’s, relative’, or neighbor’s phone number, make sure everyone in that household knows about it and agrees to take messages for you. Then check with them at least once per day.

Bullet 16 Application Hints

Check the application for mistakes or have someone else check it before you submit it. If you did it, you should be able to spell it.

Bullet 17 Application Hints

Have a good attitude, smile, and use good manners.

Job Seekers Use Applications To .....

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Bullet 18 Application Hints

Indicate interest and sincerity in employment and/or 
in response to a job opening.

Bullet 19 Application Hints

Specify/highlight skills and other pertinent information relative to qualifications for a job.

Bullet 20 Application Hints

Prepare for an interview.

Bullet 21 Application Hints

Get an interview.

Bullet 22 Application Hints

Create a positive impression with potential employers.

Employers Use Applications To .....

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Bullet 23 Application Hints

Obtain appropriate information about job applicants.

Bullet 24 Application Hints

Screen applicants depending on information provided and how it is presented. Employers usually screen applicants out using applications.

Bullet 25 Application Hints

Create a pool of qualified candidates for their selection process.

Bullet 26 Application Hints

Provide a basis for the interview (along with the resume and other information provided).

Bullet 27 Application Hints

Keep a file for a specific period of time for future use.


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Bullet 28 Application Hints

Honesty is not only the best policy; it is the only policy.

Bullet 29 Application Hints

Your signature on an employment application is a certification that the information you have provided is true.

Bullet 30 Application Hints

Misrepresentation of information on the application is normally grounds for dismissal from employment.