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December 21, 2014
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There are many steps involved in the process of finding a job. Each of you will have to find the right balance of steps that is most effective for you in your job search. The purpose of the General Job Search Workshop Section is to provide you with some basic guidelines that we hope will assist you in your job search. General Job Search General Job Search
General Job Search General Job Search
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Steps to Employment

Seven Basic Steps in Your Job Search Process

Bullet 1 Steps to Employment Getting ready for your job search
Bullet 2 Steps to Employment Developing your resume'
Bullet 3 Steps to Employment Finding job openings
Bullet 4 Steps to Employment Acting on job openings
Bullet 5 Steps to Employment Completing the application
Bullet 6 Steps to Employment Interviewing for the job
Bullet 7 Steps to Employment Following up on the interview

Finding the Job

There are a variety of job search methods that can lead you to finding that right job in today's market.  These methods vary from the traditional sources such as newspaper classifieds to the latest technological phenomenon, the internet. If you are trying to decide which of the methods you should utilize in your job search, may we suggest all of them. Finding the right job requires that you be proactive!

Career Development Process

If you have already identified what it is you want out of your career you are ahead of the game!  However, before you develop your whole career around a specific job, we recommend that you research the particular field, you may discover that maybe it is not for you after all. 

Classified Abbreviations

Before you pick up that advertisement of employment opportunities, review this listing of common abbreviations used in help-wanted classified ads. 

How to Find Employment

Explore all the options available to you. A good job search campaign takes a commitment of time, dedication and hard work.  

How to Research an Employer

Researching an organization before your job interview with a company representative positively reflects your interest and enthusiasm, which is an important factor in an employer's evaluation of you.  Your knowledge of an organization is a valuable way of showing, in an interview, that you understand the purpose of the interview. It also establishes a common foundation from which questions can be asked and to which information can be added.

What Employers Expect From You

Just as you have expectations of your new employer; your employer has many of those same expectations of you when you begin work. Just getting the work done is not all that is involved in job performance.  There are numerous factors that come into play in your responsibilities to your employer and co-workers and your ability to do the job is just one of those factors.

Keeping the Job

Congratulations! So you have landed that great job you wanted!  Now do you want to know what it takes to keep that job?

How to Resign Professionally

It is almost a certainty that at some time in your career you will change employers.  When resigning from your current position there are ways to ensure you end your relationship in an amiable and professional manner. Keep that old adage in mind "don't burn your bridges behind you".

Job and Career Fairs

Job and Career Fairs are a great opportunity for job seekers to network and explore employment and career options, however, they can be intimidating. Prior preparation will enable you to be confident and allow you to concentrate on presenting yourself and your qualifications to the employer. 

"Tips on Finding the Right Job" 

This is an excellent publication issued by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.  Although the brochure was developed some years ago, the information provided in the brochure is still universal and consistent even in today's world of work.