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December 18, 2014
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Having the proper skills is crucial for landing any job. Knowing how to present those skills at a job interview is just as important. The information we have provided you in this section will help you get the job you want!
A Job Interview

Seven Basic Phases of an Interview

Mentally review these general phases of the interview as you prepare for the big day.  They will help keep you focused.

What Determines Success in an Interview

What determines success in an interview?  If you can't answer this question you need to find out what factors into a successful interview.

Interview Dress Suggestions

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.  Cliché or truth?  It is the truth!  A first impression is significantly based on your appearance.  You may not think so or agree that your appearance should factor into your chances of landing that job, but it is a proven fact. Appearance and grooming is an important part of selling yourself in the job interview.

Do's and Don'ts of Interviewing

There are do's and don'ts in every aspect of the Job Hunt.  However the interview is the most critical piece.  So be prepared and know before you go into the interview what you should and should not do.

Learning to Listen

The ability to listen effectively is a talent. A talent that requires some attention and effort to develop.  But it is well worth your time!  Hey, are you listening?  Just checking.  Do not overlook or underrate the importance of how effective listening can impact the outcome of your interview.

Favorite Interview Questions
Asked by Employers

There are certain questions that you can always count on being asked by the company recruiter during a job interview.  And although there is no one generic or specific way to answer a question that would fit every interview, it will help if you know what questions to expect.

Best Interview Questions
Asked by Job Seekers

You can always expect that at some point in the interview you will be allowed to ask questions.  The type of questions you ask will depend on the position for which you are applying.  However there are general types of questions that you can ask during any interview.  Just keep in mind that to the interviewer, your questions are as revealing as are your answers.

Truths You're Never Told About the Job Interview

Almost ready for that first interview?  You may want to do a quick run through of these "truths about the job interview" before you go.  And yes they are true, so don't disregard them as trivial!

Closing the Interview

The interview is nearly over! What can you do to close the interview in a strong, positive manner?

Follow Up

You breathe a sigh of relief, the interview is over....you feel good about how it went, now you can relax, but wait you are not quite finished.  The interview process is not complete without a follow-up, it is the "finishing touch" to the interview.  Don't under estimate it's impact on an employer!

Reasons for Rejection

You didn't get the job offer. That is disappointing, but should not be dwelled upon for too long.  Evaluate what you learned from the process and use it to your advantage for your next interview....yes there will be a next interview.  Review these "reasons for rejection" to determine if any of them relate to your last job interview experiences and make necessary adjustments in your next interview.

Off Limit Areas

In general, human resource personnel are aware of the types of questions relating to specific areas that can and can not be asked.  If you don't know what these off limit areas are, you should review them for your own information and awareness.