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New! Kentucky Career Center has released Focus/Talent, a new user-friendly on-line portal for Employers. Features include: Posting Jobs, Searching Resumes, Talent E-mail Alerts, Applicant Tracking and Correspondence. Please click the following link to take advantage of these features: https://focustalent.ky.gov
Important Information: You must file electronically at https://kewes.ky.gov if you are reporting ten (10) or more workers. As a result of legislation passed by the General Assembly, your Notice of Contribution Rate will be issued prior to the end of the year.


The Office of Employment and Training is responsible for the administration of a number of programs and services designed to assist employers in a variety of employment related areas.  For more information about some of these services click on the specific link below. 

Employers and third-party administrators (TPAs) are all too familiar with the challenges associated with responding to paper-based unemployment insurance (UI) information requests. The State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) and SIDES E-Response are designed to make it easier and more efficient for employers and TPAs to respond to UI information requests.

SIDES and SIDES E-Response are web-based systems available to employers and TPAs – free of charge – that provide a secure, electronic and nationally-standardized format to respond to UI information requests. SIDES is designed for employers and TPAs that typically deal with a large volume of UI information requests, while SIDES E-Response is for employers with a limited number of UI claims throughout the year.

SIDES and SIDES E-Response have the potential to significantly improve the UI information exchange process. While the best option depends on the specific needs of an employer, both systems offer significant benefits”

• Saves time and money

• Available for free

• Reduces staff time

• Reduces paper work

• Helps keep UI rates as low as possible by reducing overpayments

• Provides an electronic, nationally standardized data format

• Includes date checks to ensure the exchange of complete and valid information

• Provides tools for a healthier bottom line

We invite you to read more about SIDES and SIDES E-Response by clicking on FAQs, Comparison Chart or Fact Sheet, and learn how both systems can help your company reduce paper work while saving time and money.

Additional information is available at http://info.uisides.org or at your local Office of Employment and Training.

For a Separation Information Application go to https://uidataexchange.org/sew-s/views/login.

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Last Updated January 31, 2014

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